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Acoustic to Rock Productions

We Will Rock You!

Welcome to the Acoustic to Rock Productions website.  My name is James Martinez and I am excited to share with you information about the Acoustic to Rock Productions program.  I created the ATR program to teach kids basic musical skills in order to perform at live concert events. I have provided you information within this website that will give you detailed information on what you need to know about the Acoustic to Rock program.  Enjoy!

The Acoustic to Rock program is designed to produce kids rock/pop/country/etc..bands, record them, and promote their talents and skills to showcase for the public.  

You will learn from the curriculum below that there is a process that needs to be followed before performances are established.  

Band rosters are made available to students that have none to some experience with an instrument and are wanting, and willing, to learn to improve their skills to help make them a better musician. 

Here are the 2015-2016 band rosters:

Band 1 
Band Name: Silverfish
Guitar 1___________________________
Guitar 2___________________________
Guitar 3___________________________
Singer 1____________________________
Singer 2____________________________
Singer 3____________________________

Band 2 
Band Name: The Alley Kats
Guitar 1_____________________________
Guitar 2_____________________________
Guitar 3_____________________________
Singer 1______________________________
Singer 2______________________________
Singer 3______________________________

*More band rosters will be made available if applicable:

To sign up please click on the contact page. Thank you and enjoy the site!

Acoustic to Rock Productions presents...

THE MUSTANG BAND  (circa 2015)

The Mustang Band Practice Session


5:30-6:30pm Guitar class

6::45-7:45pm Drums/Bass clas

8-9pmvocals/ keyboard


5-6:15 pm Band 1

6:30-:7:40 pm Band 2

7:45-8:45pm Band 3


5-6:15pm Band 4

6:30-7:40pm Band 5

7:45-8:45pm Band 6

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

* Open for Performances


Band Photo Shoots

The program has photo shoots for the purpose of displaying and distributing at events and performances.  Occasionally, after performances, tables and chairs are set-up for the band for the purpose of having an autograph session for their fans. 

Cost For Program

$30 per session

 (1 hour session)

$50 per week ($10 Savings/ 2 sessions per week/ 2 hours of personal and social development)

$200 per month 

($40 Savings/8 sessions per month/8 hours of personal and social development)

$670 per 3 months

($50 Savings/24 Sessions/24 hours of personal and social development)

$1350 per 6 months

($90 Savings/48 Sessions/48 hours of personal and social development)

$2000 per 9 months

($160 Savings/72 Sessions/72 hours of personal and social development)

$2680 per 12 months

($200 Savings/96 Sessions/96 hours of personal and social development)

Band Performances

After bands are established and performance ready, the Band gets the opportunity to perform on " The Acoustic to Rock Tour."  Gigs are booked at malls, school functions, festivals, and many other events throughout the year.  



Rock Productions

Program Curriculum

Year One:

0-3 months

* validate instrument choice

* Practice skills on instrument

3-6 months

* Introduce songs for concerts

* Practice songs

6-12 months

More practice

band photoshoot

* Practice gigs

*A.t.R community tour

*Autograph sessions

*A.t.R's Annual Music Festival

Year Two:

0-3 months

* Begin work on recording first original cd

3-6 months

*Continue  working on cd

*Perform songs in public

*Band Pictures

6-12 months 

*Record Songs on Cd

*Promote cd on A.t.R community tour

*Autograph Sessions

*Perform at A.t.R's annual music festival

Repeat Process Annually